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Mitas REAR XT754 SL Single Green 120/90-18

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Great for wet, muddy and slippery British enduro conditions as well as being great in soft terrain. Aggressive and open tread pattern for maximum mud clearance. The green stripe is the super light, meaning it is a lighter carcass and more flexible sidewall.It's our most popular tyre for going out play-riding but also good for Hare and Hounds racing..


Mitas REAR EF07 SL Single Green 140/80-18 FIM

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Known as the EF 07 SL 'superlight' single green, this extreme tyre is great for hard enduro when you need the tyre to last longer than the supersoft double green. It's slightly stiffer than the double green EF07 giving a longer knobble life. However it is versatile for use in hard enduro, hare and hounds, traditional enduro and beach races when pai..

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