Mefo MFC16 130/80 18"

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Mefo MFC 16 130/80 18"

HARD/MEDHARD (Double green)

  • Hard nobbles, medium/hard side wall

Newly developed tyre for:

  • Hare and Hounds/cross-country races
  • Hard enduro 

Paul Bolton has helped to develop this tyre with Mefo. It is ideal for any condition in the UK as well as abroad. It has hard knobbles, digging into the ground better and with a medium/hard side wall to follow the ground better. (If you want a tyre for more extreme terrain, choose the EX-P version, which has the soft nobble and soft side wall).

It is crucial to get the right mousse and tyre combo to get the best from your rubber. You can tailor this tyre to the event by choosing your mousse carefully. You have 3 mousse options with this tyre.

Standard hare and hounds set up = This tyre (MFC16) + 18-1 mousse (longest lasting and hardest wearing combo)

Hare and hounds extra traction set up/hard enduro when you don't want a super soft tyre  = This tyre (MFC16) + 18-1EX mousse (this offers more traction and grip across tree roots as it is an extreme mousse, compared to the 18-1 mousse)

Technical hare and hounds/ technical or wet hard enduro to make a bigger footprint = This tyre (MFC16) + 18-0EX mousse (the alternative is to use the EX-P tyre which is the soft version of this tyre. The EX-P will give you super traction but may roll a little)

Please note, the manufacturer recommends that you run the 18-1 or 18-1EX mousse in this tyre as they are the optimal size.


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