GoldenTyre 'FATTY' FRONT 216 90/100 21"

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  • F.I.M approved and road legal

  • Suitable for enduro and motocross

  • V shaped tread pattern for excellent cornering precision

  • Lightweight, flexible carcass with reinforced shoulder knobs guarantees a large contact surface and good shock absorption against minor impact on uneven terrain.

Paul Bolton’s verdict…"My go-to front tyre which I have super confidence in. It's what I regularly use for hard enduro and hare and hounds - great on rocky terrain, roots or hard pack like fire roads. It's also very well suited to traditional enduro and trail riding. It's a great all-rounder, unless it is deep mud, in which case you should choose the 80/100 version - the GT216 80/100. (The 90/100 'fatty' front is still a good tyre for mud when there is a hard or rocky base - just not the deep stuff!)"


Mousse options...

You have different mousse options, based on how you like it to feel:

Mefo MOM 21 is suitable to put straight in and race and is perfect for hard enduro.

Mefo MOM 21 BIG is stiffer for the first few rides then beds in nicely so perfect for hare and hounds.

You will get more wear out of the BIG version, but if you don't have the time to bed it in or you want a hard enduro set up, go for the Mefo MOM 21.  

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