Mefo REAR mousse MOM 18-0EX (extreme/soft version)

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The Mefo MOM 18-0ex is smaller than the MOM 18-1ex and is great for creating a super soft set up for a maximum footprint on the ground for when the weather is very wet in technical hard enduro and you need extreme performance. IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR HEAVIER RIDERS!

It is suitable for some 140/80-18 tyres for a softer set up and it is suited to 130/18-18 tyres. (Note it is not suitable for the Metzeler or Pirelli 140 tyres as these have a larger volume than most.)  This is because from extensive testing of tyres and mousses, we know that different tyres have different volumes, despite having the same statistics. Although this makes things far from simple, it actually gives you a broader range of options when it comes to finding the perfect tyre and mousse combo for what you need. (See below)

  • Built with more rubber content, these mousses really do last without compromising performance.
  • Soft, supple and porous they are the closest thing to running on air.
  • Keep them well-lubed and they will last longer than you expect!

Use the MOM 18-0ex in combination with.... 

These extreme, gummy, soft tyres (you should expect some roll, but super traction - double rim lock essential!):

  • Mefo MFC16 EX-P orange/yellow 130/80-18: Super soft combo for the worst conditions when you need super traction. This tyre has a bigger knobble than most. ***CHECK OUT OUR MEFO EXTREME ENDURO BUNDLE FOR THIS TYRE AND MOUSSE COMBO***
  • Mitas EF 07-3 double green 140/80-18: Super soft combo for the worst conditions when you need super traction. ***THIS COMBO IS IN THE WET EXTREME TRACTION REAR BUNDLE***

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