Mefo REAR MFC16 130/80 18" (Double green)

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  • Enduro rear tyre
  • Great durability
  • Hard nobbles, medium/hard side wall
  • Hare and Hounds/cross-country races/wet hard enduro 

Paul Bolton's verdict... "It has hard knobbles, digging into the ground better and with a medium/hard side wall to follow the ground better. Perfect for hare and hound and cross country. For wet hard enduro, where you don't want the softest of tyre, this tyre is great with a soft mousse. (But if you want a tyre for more extreme terrain/general hard enduro, choose the EX-P version, which has the soft nobble and soft side wall)."

Mousse options...

Mefo MOM 18-0 provides the perfect pairing with this tyre for hare and hounds/cross country. **CHECK OUT OUR MEFO HARE AND HOUNDS BUNDLE WITH THIS TYRE AND MOUSSE COMBO* (Mefo MOM 18 1ex will give a similar set up in this tyre)

Mefo MOM 18-0EX for wet, snotty hard enduro or technical hare and hounds where you don't want the softest tyre but still want a good set up to give you traction. This mousse will help to give your tyre a good footprint on the ground as it is an extreme mousse.



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