Mefo MFC16 EX-P 130/80 18"

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Mefo MFC16 EX-P

SOFT/SOFT (Orange/Yellow stripe)

Newly developed tyre for:

  • Extreme enduro
  • Hare and Hounds
  • Endurocross

Paul Bolton has helped to develop and extensively test this tyre with Mefo. It is ideal for any condition in the UK as well as abroad. It's soft side wall and soft nobbles will hook up better on tree roots and rocks, without compromising the grassy field sections. You also benefit from the tall nobble to pull you through the mud and dirt if weather conditions play their part. This is an awesome all rounder!

It is crucial to get the right mousse and tyre combo to get the best from your rubber. You can tailor this tyre to the event, by choosing your mousse carefully. Here are your 2 options for this tyre.

Supersoft set up for muddy, rooty, rocky conditions/British hard enduro = This tyre (MFC16 EX-P) + the 18-0EX mousse (this combo gives the greatest footprint on the ground for superb traction in the worst conditions, but you will feel some roll)

Medium set up for hard enduro/mix of fast and technical in hare and hounds = This tyre (MFC 16 EX-P) + 18-1EX mousse (you will notice it rolling a little but you will have great traction. If you don't want the roll and are doing this type of event, your other option is to use the MFC 16 standard tyre with a harder carcuss and knobbles with the 18-1EX mousse. However it won't be as good as the EX-P on flat, slippery slab rocks and tree roots)

Please note, the manufacturer suggests the medium set up with the 18-1EX mousse as this is the optimum size of mousse for the tyre. 


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