Mefo FRONT mousse MOM 21 (versatile for 80/100, 90/90 and 90/100 front tyres)

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Fed up of mousses breaking up?

You haven't tried the Mefo Mousse range.

  • Built with more rubber content, these mousses really do last without compromising performance.
  • Soft, supple and porous they are the closest thing to running on air.
  • Keep them well-lubed and they will last longer than you expect!

The Mefo Mousse Mom 21 is versitile mousse.

Use it in:

  • an 80/100 tyre for a very firm set up e.g. for hare and hounds, green laning and traditional enduro
  • a 90/90 tyre for a firm set up 
  • a 90/100 tyre for a medium/soft set up for greater traction. The tyre will follow the ground better with this mousse, absorbing smaller bumps which the suspension can't get. (A GT 216 90/100 tyre with a Mefo mousse 21 is Paul Bolton's Erzberg set up for the prologue and the main race) 


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