About Us

We are Hard Enduro athlete Paul Bolton and wife Lisa Bolton. Dirt Bike Spec was set up in 2014 to help to support the cost of racing as a privateer. We are a small business that aims to provide a personalised service, to share our knowledge, encourage your return custom and ultimately help to get us to races! 



PRODUCTS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR....First and foremost we aim to provide a selection of tried and tested products, personally selected by Paul. We will never sell a product that he has not extensively tested and approved. Having put our products through their paces in a variety of terrains, Paul can help to guide you to make the right choices. From riding through the bogs and moors of Lancashire, to racing on the sandy beaches of Sea2Sky or rocks of Erzberg, we know which products you need!

From our own experience, having precisely the right material for competition use can certainly give you the edge. However, we know all too well that it's sometimes a compromise with affordability. We can help you to make those decisions, to get the best value for money for your specific needs. We can't promise to bring you a product that can do everything, we are yet to find that! But we can give you the best combination of products and honest advice based on weather conditions, terrain and budget.


HARD ENDURO AND TRIALS TRAINING... Private groups, one-to-one or book onto an organised group. Join ACU qualified coach Paul Bolton for a great training day - just take a look on the website!


ENDURO AND MOUNTAIN BIKE ADVENTURE HOLIDAYS....Through our travels around the world for training, races and filming, we have come across some awesome locations for enduro and mountain biking. Riding the trails ourselves and exploring with local guides we have had some unforgettable experiences. We have built up relationships with locals, guides and accomodation providers to put together adventure holiday packages which we know you will love - just take a look on the website!