GoldenTyre FRONT 216 AA 90/100 FIM 21"

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What it says on the tin:

  • F.I.M approved


  • Suitable for enduro and motocross

  • V shaped tread pattern for excellent cornering precision

  • Lightweight, flexible carcass with reinforced shoulder knobs guarantees a large contact surface and good shock absorption against minor impact on uneven terrain.

Paul Bolton’s verdict…

Great 'all rounder' tyre, unless it is deep mud (in which case I choose the 80/100 version of this tyre, GT216 80/100-21).

Amazing on rocky terrain, roots, endurocross or hard pack i.e fire roads or quarries.

Pretty damn good in the mud too, but only when there is a hard or rocky base.  However, if it gets super muddy or without a hard base (like on slick grassy fields or deep mud) I recommend the GT216 80/100-21.

Super durable tyre for traditional enduro, hard enduro, trail riding and motocross - ideal in the above conditions.

For Enduro: It's a tyre which I use regularly for any hard enduro. I have super confidence in this tyre. Best used with the Goldentyre 80/100-21 mousse for enduro.

For MX: Perfect tyre for hard pack motocross. Best used for MX with the desert mousse.

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