GoldenTyre REAR 216 HBN 140/80 FIM 18"

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What it says on the tin:

  • FIM approved


  • Enduro rear tyre
  • The sturdy, flexible carcass guarantees best traction in all situations typical in enduro 

  • Best paired with the GT216 front tyre - 80/100-21 or 90/100-21.

Paul Bolton's verdict…

This is the best all round rear tyre for UK conditions.

Suitable for traditional enduro, hard enduro, endurocross.

Runs well will GT 120/90-18 or 140 mousse. For maximum traction, run it with a GT 120/90-18 mousse as it helps the tyre squash to create a bigger footprint. Don’t forget to put 2 opposite rim locks in though, if you are running this combination! Or for faster more hard pack riding (like special tests, sand, forest or fire roads), to make the nobbles stand tall, use a GT 140/80-18 mousse.

There is an X version of this tyre (see GT216X 140/80-18), which is ultra-soft tyre for extreme grip on the toughest terrain. 

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