FunnelWeb Proline Filter for KTM/HUSKY

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Suitable for:

All 2017-2019 KTM XC, EXC and EXC-F

KTM 250/350/450 SX-F 16-18

KTM 250SX 17-18

KTM 125 SX 16-18

All Husky 2017-2019 FE/FX

All Husky FC 16-18

Husky TE/TX 300 17-18

Husky TE 150 17-18

Husky TC/TX 125 16-17

FunnelWeb Proline filters are perfect for the worst of conditions, keeping dust/dirt at the surface of the filter instead of in between foam layers (as with dual-layer filters).

The pyramid shaped single layer foam, bonded to a high quality super soft foam seal. It increases the filters surface area by 100%. 

•      Double to Triple the riding time compared to any dual-layer air filter. 

•      Continued optimum air flow from start to finish.

•      Less filters to clean and re-oil.

•      Easier to clean due to the dust/dirt is on the outer surface of the filter.

•      Minimises drying out of foam.

•      Extended filter change intervals without using filter-skins etc.

•      Improved engine protection.

•      Super soft air tight seal.

•      Easy to fit.

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