Feeling adventurous? Why settle for a standard holiday?

Why not book a bespoke Enduro Adventure Holiday with Hard Enduro rider Paul Bolton!

Visit the locations that he has trained, raced and filmed in....


As a qualified ACU Coach and trained Motorcyle Guide, with a wealth of experience in racing, guiding, training... and riding for sheer fun (!!), you are sure to have an absolutely unforgettable experience. 


On our travels, racing around the world, we have been to many spectacular locations. Some of our experiences, we just cannot put into words. We have stayed with locals who have shown us the absolute best of what their countries have to offer both for Enduro (and our second love mountain biking - see Mountain Bike Adventures), as well as knowing the best spots for food, accomodation and sights 'not to be missed'.

We work in partnership with local off-road shops to provide you with a first-class experience that you will never forget. Many tour enduro tour companies take in excess of 20 riders per course. We prefer to give a top quality experience with a maximum of 10 riders per course. 

Why go anywhere else when you can join us for the most unique Enduro adventures, experiencing real culture, riding in stunning locations and having a hell of a good time! Join us for a truely unforgettable ride...

          Where will your next adventure be?


Pages are under construction, however just drop us an email at info@dirtbikespec.com and we will send you some more information or call you for a chat, based on your specific requirements.

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