Mitas REAR EF07 SL Single Green 140/80-18

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  • Enduro pattern

  • Known as the EF 07 SL 'superlight' single green stripe

  • Still a soft tyre but stronger than the double green and will last longer

  • Road legal and FIM approved. 

This extreme tyre is great for hard enduro when you need the tyre to last longer than the supersoft double green.


Mousse recommendation:

You have lots of options with this tyres depending on what you want to use if for.

Mefo MOM 18-Oex is for a soft set up for hard enduro racing straight out of the box, when performance is key, but it will not last as long as the other options. (Remember this is with the Mitas single green which is a harder tyre than the double green, so for super-duper traction, go for the Mitas double green tyre).

Mefo MOM 18-O is also a soft set up but it is not the extreme version of the mousse (the extreme version is the MOM 18-0ex). However it gives a soft feel because of the size as it is smaller mousse than the MOM 18-1ex and Mom 18-1. (Again remember this is with the single green Mitas which is a harder tyre than the double green) 

Mefo MOM 18-1ex is superb for hard enduro. It needs a couple of rides to bed it in but it is an extreme mousse and works brilliantly in this tyre and it lasts really well.

Mefo MOM 18-1 is the combo of choice for the Erzberg Iron Road Prologue. It is a stiffer set up for the speed and stability that you will need!

Remember to use good quality wide double rim locks.  We sell the same rim locks as Paul Bolton uses. The only combo that you don't need a double rim lock with is when using this tyre with the Mefo MOM 18-1.

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