GoldenTyre REAR Enduro GT 216 X Extreme 140/80 FIM Extreme 18"

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What it says on the tin:

  • FIM approved


  • Enduro rear tyre, specially designed for extreme races.

  • The sturdy, flexible carcass guarantees the best grip on any surface, with an incredible softness and abrasion resistance.

Paul Bolton's verdict…

The GRIP tyre!

This is an absolutely awesome tyre which just loves being in the trickiest terrain, such as river beds and rock gardens.

It's my tyre of choice for most extreme enduro, used by the top boys! No need to let it spin, feel it grip and let it do it's work! If it is super muddy though, there is an even better choice...the 523kx which is awesome but not road legal/fim approved. 

Same tread pattern as the HBN rear tyre, just a super soft compound

Run it in combination with a GT 120/90-18 mousse for hard enduro or muddy forrest going. Otherwise if it is dry enduro, try with a GT 140/80-18 mousse to make it roll faster.

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